Terdampar Karet Kabel Listrik Kabel Karet Isolasi EPR Kabel Karet untuk Dijual

Terdampar Karet Kabel Listrik Kabel Karet Isolasi EPR Kabel Karet untuk Dijual
Pelabuhan: Qingdao,Shanghai, Tianjin, Ningbo
Ketentuan Pembayaran: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram
Kemampuan Pasokan: 3000000 Meter/meter per Month
Tempat asal: Henan Cina
Nama merek: Guowang
Nomor model: YC, YZ, YQ, YH, KUNING EMAS
Bahan konduktor: Tembaga
Bahan isolasi: Karet
Jaket: Karet
Jumlah konduktor: 1-5
Aplikasi: Lingkungan yang keras dengan persyaratan tinggi
Nama produk: Kabel karet
Warna: Opsional
Sertifikasi: ISO9001
Tegangan: 450/750 V
Tipe: Tahan api
Bahan: Cooper
Kata kunci: Tahan api kabel karet
Isolasi: Bahan Tahan api
Standar: IEC60245
Perincian Pengemasan: Kayu drum Kayu baja drum atau sesuai kebutuhan.
Product Description



Rubber Cable Scope of Application


1) The cable is suitable for rated voltages Uo / U of 450 / 750V, 300 / 500V and 300 / 300V, and the long term permissible operating temperature of the cable should not exceed 65 ° C.


2) Cable structure is reasonable, soft, wear, mechanical strength. "W" derived cable with weather resistance and a certain oil resistance, suitable for outdoor or contact with oil occasions.


Rubber Cable Operating Characteristics 


Best Price Rubber Cables Solid Copper Stranded Electric Cable With Rubber Sheath


Model: YC/YCW

Voltage: Rated voltage of 0.45 / 0.75kV, the use of AC system, the maximum voltage should not exceed 0.9kV.

Conductor Material: Copper

Insulation Material: Ethylene propylene rubber

Jacket Material: Natural rubber/Chloroprene rubber

Appearance Shape: Round

Conductor Type: Soft Conductor

Operating temperature: Cable conductor long-term maximum allowable working temperature of 65 ℃; short circuit, the cable conductor maximum temperature does not exceed 160 ℃, the duration of not more than 5S.

Environmental Temperature: The cable runs at a minimum ambient temperature of -10 ° C..

Laying temperature: Installation laying, the temperature should not be less than -10 ℃.

Bending radius: Cable bending radius of not more than 10D..


1-core cable: According to customer requirements

2-core cable: According to customer requirements or choose chromatography

3-core cable: color logo: green / yellow, light blue, brown or light blue, black, brown;

4-color cable: color sign: green / yellow, light blue, black, brown or light blue, black, brown, black or brown;

5-color cable: color sign: green / yellow, light blue, black, brown, black or brown, or light blue, black, brown, black or brown, black or brown.

Jacket Color: Black or as required.

Certification : IEC60245, GB/T5013-2008, JB/T8735-2011





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Our Services

– Online consultation.

– Detailed quotation and catalog.

– Perfect service teams ensure the communication and purchase experience.

– Professional engineers team provide technical guidance.

– Complete QA system ensures both quality and safety of produced cable.

– 12 months of warranty. 

– Professional after-sale service team provide guidance of installation and other solutions.  


Packaging & Shipping



1. What is the difference between XLPE cable and PVC cable? 

PVC – Poly Vinyl chloride ; XLPE – Cross linked Poly Ethylene

PVC :  thermo plastic ;  XLPE: thermosetting plastic. 

PVC can withstand temperatures up to 70°C ; XLPE can do 90°C.

PVC costs lower with large market, XLPE costs higher with smaller market.


2. Can I get a sample to check your quality?

Of course. Sample is free, but you need to cover the freight charges. 


3. How long can I get the sample?

Samples will be ready for delivery in 3-5 days, and it will arrive within 7 days. We can help you get the procedure going if you do not have an account. 


4. What about the lead time for mass production?

Honestly, it depends on the order quantity and the season you place the order. The best record we kept is

delivering 10 kilometers cable within a week. Generally, we suggest inquiry two months earlier before your project.



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