Freemsamblados De Aluminio XLPE 600V-1100V untuk Ekuador

Freemsamblados De Aluminio XLPE 600V-1100V untuk Ekuador
Pelabuhan: qongdao or shanghai
Ketentuan Pembayaran: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram
Kemampuan Pasokan: 20000 Meter/meter per Day Membantu Anda memecahkan kabel difficults
Tempat asal: Henan Cina
Nama merek: Sanhe
Nomor model: Duplex cervice drop, Triplex
Bahan isolasi: XLPE/PVC
Jenis: Tegangan Rendah
Aplikasi: Overhead
Bahan konduktor: Aluminium
Jaket: Tidak ada
Pengalaman: 10 tahun
Kualitas: 100% uji setiap drum kabel
Konduktor fase: AAC
Bahan isolasi: XLPE PE,PVC
Atau netral mengenai saham concutor: AAC AAAC,ACSR
Tegangan: 600-2200V
Jenis perusahaan: Pembuatan
Waktu pengiriman: 7-15 hari
Perincian Pengemasan: Kayu drum

freemsamblados de aluminio XLPE 600V-1100V for Ecuador

Product Description

Our company founded in 2008, with own factory, have more business experience.



Primarily used for overhead service application such as street lighting,outdoor lighting,and temporary service for construction, To be used at voltage of 600V to 2200V phase-to-phase or less at conductor temperatures not to exceed 75°C for polyethylene insulated conductors or 90°C for cross liked polyethylene insulated conductors.


We could produce the cable according to many standards: ICEA S-76-474,

 ICEA S-95-658,ICEA S-61-402,ICEA S-66-524.NFC 33. IEC

we will do our best to meet your requirements


1. Phase conductor: Aluminum wire, 1350-H19

2. Neutral Conductor : Aluminum wire 1350-H19, All Alloy Aluminum Conductor 6201, Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced

3. The material of insulation: XLPE,PE,PVC

4. The Voltage: 600V-2200V

Triplex AAAC cable

Code Word AWG or Kcmil Neutral  AAAC Phase AAC
Minex 2*6 AWG+1*30.58 7/1.68 1/4.11
Hippa 2*6 AWG+1*30.58 7/1.68 7/1.56
Prawn 2*4 AWG+1*48.69 7/2.12 1/5.19
Bamacle 2*4 AWG+1*48.69 7/2.12 7/1.96
Shrimp 2*2 AWG+1*77.47 7/2.67 7/2.47
Gammarus 2*1/0 AWG+1*123.3 7/3.37 7/3.12
Leda 2*1/0 AWG+1*123.3 7/3.37 19/1.89


Triplex ACSR cable

Code Word AWG or Kcmil Neutral  ACSR Phase AAC
Paludina 2*6 AWG+1*6AWG 6+1 /1.68 1/4.11
Voluta 2*6 AWG+1*6AWG 6+1 /1.68 7/1.56
Calma 2*4 AWG+1*4AWG 6+1 /2.12 (1.52) 7/1.96
Periwinkle 2*4 AWG+1*4AWG 6+1 /2.12 (1.14) 7/1.96
Conch 2*2 AWG+1*2AWG 6+1 /2.67 7/2.47
Neritina 2*1/0 AWG+1*1/0 AWG 6+1 /3.37 7/3.12
Cenia 2*1/0 AWG+1*1/0 AWG 6+1 /3.37 19/1.89


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       ZhengZhou Sanhe Cable co.,Ltd. was founded in 2008, we have our own manufacturing firm as well. We have been producing cables and wires for many years and 9 years degisning and making experience offer us this very strength in the cable industry.       





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